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Farook Al-Jibouri

Founder & Executive Director

Farook Al-Jibouri is the Founder & Executive Director for Cyber Code Technologies, FZE, a position he has held since 2015.

Farook oversees the strategic direction of the Cyber Security and IT Solutions Integration, based on modern, simple and trusted model. Cyber Code Technologies is a premier, fully-integrated provider of information technology & cyber security solutions to various industries.
“ With an unparalleled history of developing complex projects and introducing new vendors and approach int he middle-east market, Cyber Code's success is built on long-standing relationships that require an unwavering focus on operational excellence and client engagement to deliver the best solution ”

Qutaiba Mahdi

Head of Advanced Cyber Security

A Senior Leader in Cyber Code Technologies, he leads Advanaced Cyber Security Services initiative in the company.

With his vast operation and implementation experiences working for variaty of verticals and critical customers, Qutaiba earnered knowhow that is unreplacable asset. His crystal clear vision led to establish strong success for the company with its clients.
“ Lead the way! ”

Mustafa Kamil

Regional Sales Manager

Mustafa is a person who is driving business opportunities and spend time preparing and evaluating all aspects of the opportunities. Always motivated by customer satisfaction which always led to another business.

With his solid ICT background from Al-Nahrain university and more than 8 years in the oilfield industry with one of the leading oil services company. Mustafa work hard with a team to solve problems, overcome challenges, improve the current processes, and maximize the benefits for everyone, that’s why I am always looking for “Win-win situations”.
“ "Struggling" is always before "Success", even in dictionary. ”

Mrs. W. Nawaf

Operations & Finance Manager

Mrs. Nawaf an exceptional dedicated engineer, She carried vast reponsibilities to make sure Cyber Code Technologies is backed up by strong operational and financial strengths in parallel with the technical strengths the company had.

She had build set of enterprise financial and logisitcs practices with the company to help streamline ordering, payments and operations excellence with our clients. She had pivotal effect to company success and help to shape the future based on solid foundation and ethics
“ People who avoid failure also avoid success. ”

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Our People - Team Leaders

Majed Alani
Majed AlaniCyber Security Consultant
Abdulrahman Mohammed
Abdulrahman MohammedDC Systems Engineer
Rezhwan Tahir
Rezhwan TahirCyber Security Engineer
Omar Ali
Omar AliNetwork Systems Engineer
Head Office:
Dubai Silcon Oasis Dubai, UAE

Iraq Office:

Alqadisiya - Baghdad, Iraq