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Real actions led for Changing all the inputs and outputs of a SOC will count how a SOC operates. Correctly implementing a prevention-based architecture will lead to less low-fidelity information flowing into the SOC and automated mitigation of threats with implementation of closed-loop security controls will enable blocking of future attacks.


Standard Module

  • Responsibilities are
  • Managing L1, L2 & L3 for security
  • Zero-Trust Model
  • Hardening Security Configurations
  • Cyber Security Monitoring
  • Threat Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Single Dashboard
  • Strategic Security Roadmap Cycle


Premium Module

  • In addition to all features in Standard Module, you got:
  • Cloud SOC
  • XDR
  • NDR (Optional Add-on)
  • Managed WAF
  • MFA
  • Managed PAM
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Customized Reporting


Elite Module

  • In addition to all features of Standard & Premium, Elite Module will add:.
  • Dedicated Service Manager
  • Dedicated In-Country Staff 24/7
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Meeting
  • Threat Intelligence as a Service
  • External Attack Surface Management
  • Digital Risk Protection
  • Incident Response Retainer (add-on)
  • 90 Days log storage
  • Highest SLA

/ 4 Steps

MSSP Customer Onboarding

Thanks to the Modern and Innovative SOC Architecture, We can onboard the client in matter of hours, instead of weeks or months.

Choose Your Module Types

MSSP Module types are usually defined by the manner in which the requirement is going to be made; they also specify other terms, such as features, responsibilities, and security covergage and tools, and other issues of similar importance.

Step 1

Step 2

Kick-Off Meeting

To build synnergy and smooth onboarding, our service manager will host a kick-off meeting to explain all matter delicately.

Sensors Deployment and Log Collection

To start collecting data from client environment, sensors of various types to be implemented an log collection to be started.

Step 3

Step 4


That's it! Your SOC is live, and our team start working doing their magic to make your environment secure!

/ Managed Security Services Program Fees

Common General Fees

This list includes descriptions of some of the most common items you can include in your construction costs. Usually, they are different from overhead and profit, although sometimes supervision can be included.
Endpoint Protection Fee :1$
Various plans available, basic Antivirus, EDR and XDR, price per endpoint per month starts from:
NGFW :25$
Reduce your NGFW CAPEX, by utlizing our managed firewall, starting price per month:
Multi-Factor Authentication :3$
Secure your access and users identity by having our hassle free managed MFA (per user/month).
Email Security :6$
Your emails your core of business, secure them with best email security. Starting price (per mailbox/month)
Web Filter :15$
The internet control becomes one of the daily business challenges, secure your web by our managed web control. starting price (month)
WAF :600$
Protect your web application by our innovative and world leading application security. Start today as low as (app/month)
PAM :1500$
Control privilages users and accessing your critical asses. Starting price (monthly):
Backup :250$
Protection your data which is the core of your business, hassle free, hardware free. Backup starting prices
NDR :5000$
Get deep into your network with our managed NDR. Starting prices per month
Cloud SOC:1500$
Be SOC ready today, we handle all, just click: RUN. Monthly price starts from
# All prices listed above for references, many dependencies including, type of asset, total number of assets and nature of business. All could affect final prices, contact us today for precise quote!
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