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Content Management Systems (aka Web Content Management Systems, WCM, or CMS) are the foundation for all digital experiences today. If you are looking for CMS Solutions to transform your business strategy, we can be help you to do that.

Some popular enterprise content management systems

There are numerous enterprise content management systems to choose from, but these have stood the test of time and are proven to be some of the best ones out there.

Open Source:

a. Drupal

b. Wordpress

c. PHP Framework


a. Jadu

b. Squiz


Our CMS Solution Development Service includes

CMS Consultation

We first probe into identifying your critical content management requirements. This way we ensure that your custom solution captures the entire content workflow – right from creation to authorization, maintaining various versions and finally publishing it.


Custom CMS Development

After we map your requirements, we document it and begin with developing a solution that perfectly meets your specific requirements. Our professional team designs the solution controls for maximum ease of use so that you can have a completely hassle-free user experience.


User Experience

We help businesses transform to meet the ever-changing needs of the technology & digital world. The technology we offer helps to create integrated digital experiences faster, and support the open source CMS like Drupal that unifies content, community, and commerce. Our target is to inspire our clients to lead change through the creation of magnetic brands, driven to become industry leaders.


CMS Integration

We can quickly and flawlessly integrate your custom CMS solution with other business systems, which enables you to manage large amount of information in real time and keep it updated, always. With our experts you can be totally assured of migrating data across systems securely.



Even after the project is successfully deployed at the client’s end, we still continue to support them so that they can make the most of their custom CMS solution. As your business evolves and you identify the need for further solution enhancements – bring it to us. We will do it quickly for you.

Vouch in our expertise in CMS Solution and have your online venture thriving. Get in touch with us today. Simply send us an enquiry about what you are looking for in your website. We will get back to you to discuss the details and even provide a non-obligation quotation.

A cutting-edge integrated physical security solution is critical to enhanced situational awareness, enabling faster responses to threats, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing cost of compliance and operations. Cyber Code Technologies provides seamless integration of physical and IT security technologies into a flexible command & control system. This command & control system is backed by unified communications and is a vital enabler to an organization's ability to foresee the probability and potential impact of varied current and future security threats.

Cyber Code's services allow integration with legacy systems as well as with emerging technologies. It provides a scalable solution with faster and accurate response capability with marked reduction in cost of operation.

It combines perimeter intrusion detection, access control, video protection, public address and general alarm systems and hotline management to guard against security breaches, infiltration, theft and vandalism.


The Physical Security solution combines a variety of advanced IP-based technologies to prevent unauthorized entry to the physical premises of energy companies.

As a vendor-agnostic sub-system integrator, we provide the network to enable IP video surveillance and integrates best-of-breed products from our partners covering:


  • IP / MPLS Routers, Carrier Ethernet Switch / Router portfolio.
  • Perimeter intrusion detection.
  • Access control.
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Intelligent video analysis.
  • Public address/general alarming (PAGA).
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID).
  • Hotline systems.
  • Integrated security management software.

Cyber Code Technologies provides state of the art Smart Card and RFID card based applications and solutions for a wide range of Identity markets. Cyber Code Technologies innovative and secure Smartcard Solutions are designed to provide applications for secure and tamper proof Driving Licenses, Ration Cards, ID cards and Access Control Systems catering to National ID initiatives, Governments and Public Distribution system; Airports, Homeland Security, Immigration, Banking, Transportation, Health Sectors, and security at sensitive installations.

Cyber Code Technologies provide the following turnkey Smartcard Management Solutions for different verticals:


  • Enterprises
    • Employee ID card Management
    • Access control Cards
    • Visitor ID management
  • Institutions and Universities
    • College and Campus ID card Management
  • Governments
    • National ID Card Management
    • E-Passport
    • Multipurpose Citizen ID card
    • Driving License
    • Ration Card Management
    • Voting and Election Solutions
  • Healthcare
    • Patient Healthcare ID Card
    • Healthcare Insurance ID card
  • Retail
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Membership Cards
    • Prepaid Cards
  • Financial
    • Credit Cards
    • Debit Cards

Harnessing the latest technology to deliver high quality communications at every endpoint Communications are crucial to business, and today’s unified communications put the power of convergence to work, helping your business stay connected to voice, video and data - even on the go. By leveraging a single voice, video and data network, your business’ productivity soars, collaboration intensifies and business processes come together in a streamlined and more immediate way.

Cyber Code Technologies has been working with IP telephony since its inception and has the expertise to implement today’s advanced applications, such as presence, collaboration, contact center and mobility services that bring about the highest degree of productivity and interactivity. Our IP communications solutions and endpoints allow for highly scalable and secure services that can be delivered to the next cube, building, branch, state or country.

Our unified communications solutions include:

• Voice Communications

• Messaging

• Video

• Collaboration

• Presence

• Mobility

• Contact Center Joomla 3.3 Templates