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Cloud Services Adoption in Iraq!

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From around one year, I was in a continues business development rounds and activities with various Iraqi customers and prospect clients and one of the things which has really astonished me is the increase popularity in adoption of various cloud services in a country which many considered outdated in terms of technology adoptions and trends. However, there are still big portion of customers are not even thinking of it, just rejecting the idea!

Let me explain the points of each party:

(1)    Cloud adopters:

With the unfortunate unstable situation of Iraq, cloud adopters found very smart solution and innovative thinking to tackle many struggling factors stopping their business from being executed, things like:

-          Electricity instability problems

-          Safety and security of datacenters

-          Scarcity in datacenter capacity and skillset

-          Lack of capable compliance agency that can help companies to build compliant datacenter infrastructure


(2)    Cloud refusals:

Lack of deep understanding how cloud does work, many find this idea is scary, why? Because they feel their data is being accessed/reached by some “external” parties. But let me highlight the following:

·       Those clouds (specially the highly reputable ones like: AWS, Azure from Microsoft and Google Cloud) has sophisticated security which am sure we will lack in the majority of datacenters and networks inside country.

·       You can still keep you secure and confidential data on-prem, and use cloud for more of a public nature or customer fronting kind of web services or apps

·       Many data lost incidents wouldn’t be possible if you are building your systems in the cloud or at least you have a disaster recovery at the cloud.

·       It would be very fast in provisioning and eliminate the delays of stacking hardware and delaying the launch of your applications and business requirements. We faced many delayed projects due to lack of infrastructure and improper eco-system which in many cases failed to deliver major projects.



At the end, we should be objective and have to focus on how to achieve results by changing legacy methodology of adopting legacy IT vs being agile and innovative to leverage the revolutionary cloud technologies.

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