• Professional, reliable IT systems are an important tool for successful business management. They are an essential part of every solution: intelligently linking business processes, making data accessible, ensuring transparency, and helping to manage processes precisely.

    In addition to operating standard software, we offer customized, industry-specific, and individually developed solutions. Our strength lies in the strategic combination of system integration and planning, system development, operations, and support. arvato’s customers benefit from our IT consultants’ extensive knowledge of their industry and expertise with products from many manufacturers – not to mention their entrepreneurial spirit.

    We have the ability to create entire value chains. The IT department maps our extensive managed IT services onto custom-designed business processes to form an integrated package, all available from a single source. This unique combination allows us not only to offer customized solutions, but also to implement the best possible options – professionally, comprehensively, and pragmatically, in keeping with the customer’s needs.

    An overview of our IT managed services:

    • IT consulting
    • Comprehensive IT solutions for various industries, including the media, logistics and transport, retail trade, manufacturing, and public utility industries
    • Expertise in such areas as CRM, e-commerce, cloud computing, and BPM
    • IT outsourcing – a wide range of infrastructure services, including application management and managed services
  • Our professional services team draws upon the wealth of experience, technology and innovation that exists throughout our corporate family. The result is a capable team of subject matter experts operating with a single-minded approach – to empower your organization with the resources and tools that help you accelerate productivity, manage technology change and minimize costs.

    We know that agencies operate differently. Our experts take the time to understand the intricacies of your environment to offer a well-grounded solution from the start. We apply certain methodology to design, deliver, and/or manage integrated IT solutions that address government needs.

    IT Capabilities:

    Our practice areas cover an array of disciplines that enable us to match our people and vast resources to your task at hand. You can depend on our professional services team for proven experience:

    ? Application Solutions

    ? Cyber Security Solutions

    ? Network Solutions

    ? Satellite Solutions

    ? Cloud Solutions

    ? Mobility Solutions

    ? Unified Communications

    How you benefit:

    ? Optimize your resources while managing budget constraints

    ? Streamline processes that impact your agency mission

    ? Re-engineer your workforce for increased efficiency

    ? Improve staff productivity through education and training that’s aligned with mission goals

    ? Reduce total cost of ownership through improved performance and better integration of your applications

    ? Streamline core agency functions and improve services provided to citizens, employees, partners and for national security

    ? Strengthen IT security measures and minimize exposure to both logical and physical breaches

    ? Substantiate investments by testing assumptions, models or complex situations ? Achieve interoperability and reduce communications costs through converged voice, data, video

    ? Enjoy great value on project solutions

  • Our comprehensive, flexible training portfolio is focused on helping our customers develop a workforce that is ready to meet any challenge – and ultimately, improve production, lower turnover and increase employee morale. Identify skill gaps and improve job performance and productivity with the expertise of Cyber Code Technologies and our partners community. We can help you bring together all the pieces of workforce training into a comprehensive workforce training solution. Joomla 3.3 Templates