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Carbon Black

Carbon Black, Inc. (formerly Bit9, Inc) is a security company based in WalthamMassachusetts founded in 2002.

Carbon Black has designed the most complete next-gen endpoint-security platform, enabling organizations to stop the most attacks, see every threat, close security gaps, and evolve their defenses. The Cb Endpoint Security Platform helps organizations of all sizes replace legacy antivirus technology, lock down systems, and arm incident response teams with advanced tools to proactively hunt down threats. Today, Carbon Black has approximately 2,000 worldwide customers, including 25 of the Fortune 100 and more than 600 employees. Carbon Black was voted Best Endpoint Protection by security professionals in the SANS Institute’s Best of 2015 Awards.

The company is a leader in the antivirus, endpoint detection and response and endpoint protection platform space.

  • Cb DEFENSE: Cb Defense is the most powerful next-generation antivirus solution. Using a combination of endpoint and cloud-based technologies, Cb Defense empowers IT and InfoSec professionals to stop more attacks, including both malware and increasingly common non malware attacks that exploit memory, PowerShell, and other scripting languages. Cb Defense is a lightweight, easy solution that protects your systems, provides visibility into attack patterns and behavior, and enables administrators with simple tools for response and remediation.
  • Cb RESPONSE: Cb Response is the market-leading incident response and threat hunting solution. Only Cb Response continuously records and centralizes all endpoint activity, giving Incident Responders, SOC analysts, and MSSPs the complete, real-time information they need to understand exactly how attackers are targeting their organization so they can identify root cause, hunt anomalous behavior, and isolate threats. With Cb Response, you can streamline alert validation, accelerate investigations, reduce dwell time, eliminate unnecessary reimaging, and limit IT involvement in the security lifecycle process.
  • Cb PROTECTION: Cb Protection is the market-leading application control solution. With Cb Protection, IT, compliance, infrastructure, and security teams establish automated software execution controls and protection policies that safeguard corporate and customer data. Cb Protection works with existing software distribution systems and reputation services to automate approval of trusted software and eliminate whitelist management.

The power of the Cb Endpoint Security Platform lies in the Cb Collective Defense Cloud, which provides the best assessment of what’s safe and what’s not in your environment based on the most complete endpoint data. This next-generation attack analytics engine crunches big data related to attacks, threats, behaviors, and change, with the singular purpose of identifying malicious activity.

Raw endpoint data is continuously streamed from over 7 million computers protected by Carbon Black products, where it is enhanced with threat intelligence from dozens of sources including Carbon Black’s customer and partner base. Rigorous analytic techniques are applied using a variety of methodologies including machine learning and behavioral analytics.

The end result: zero-gap protection for all your endpoints.

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Adobe Systems, Inc. develops world-leading digital imaging, design, and document technology platforms for consumers, creative professionals, and enterprises to be used in a variety of applications.

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Adobe plan

Arbor Networks

A Leader in Network Monitoring and Security Solutions. From the Internet data center edge to the service provider core, the world’s leading network operators and Internet service providers turn to Arbor Networks to proactively fend off malicious threats such as botnets and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, while strengthening the availability and quality of their services. In addition to being the de facto standard for network security and availability solutions, Arbor enables its customers to reduce costs by improving IPv4 and IPv6 traffic engineering, peering and other operational efficiencies.

Arbor’s on-premise DDoS solutions

On-premise protection is first line of defence against today’s advanced DDoS attacks. For this reason, our solutions are available to our customers across the Middle East region as well as globally. Everyone is at risk.

Arbor APS provides always-on, in-line protection from network and application layer DDoS attacks and some advanced threats. Arbor APS inspects traffic entering or leaving the network, analyses it, and drops traffic that is determined to be part of a DDoS attack or from an identified DDoS attacker. Via Cloud Signaling, Arbor APS delivers intelligent integration between on-premises and in-cloud DDoS attack protection. Arbor APS is further enhanced by threat intelligence via the ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF). Developed by Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT), the AIF includes geolocation data and automates the identification of attacks against infrastructure and services from known botnets and malware while ensuring that updates for new threats are automatically delivered without software upgrades.

Arbor TMS is a vital component of the Arbor Networks SP solution. Arbor Networks TMS surgically removes DDoS attack traffic from the network without disrupting key network services. It also provides comprehensive, real-time visibility into network applications, proactively monitoring denial of service attacks so customers can maintain service performance. Arbor TMS can be deployed in-line to provide “always on” protection.

Arbor TMS supports a mitigation architecture called diversion/ reinjection. Arbor TMS removes only the malicious traffic and forwards the legitimate traffic to its intended destination. This is highly advantageous for service providers, large enterprises and large hosting/ cloud providers. It enables a single, centrally located Arbor TMS to protect multiple links and multiple data centres. The result is more efficient use of mitigation capacity and fully non-intrusive security. Other in-line devices may inspect all traffic all the time on the links they monitor. Arbor TMS only needs to inspect traffic that is redirected to it in response to an attack on a specific target.


Rubrik is the industry's first fully converged, scale out Backup and Recovery Solution. We combine backup software and de-duplicated storage into one simple to use appliance that scales out.

Rubrik delivers tremendous simplicity, scalability, and 30-60% lower TCO:


  1. Simplicity: We are 100% agent-less, install in under an hour, and leverage 100% REST API automation of workflows. Google ‘like’ predictive search for VM’s and individual files across thousands of hosts on our system, and archived to private and public cloud. No more managing proxies, and media servers, separate disk pools, replication SW, and more.
  2. Scale: We are built on a scale out, shared nothing architecture that grows performance and capacity linearly. We are backing up some of the worlds’ most difficult virtual environments (SQL, Oracle, SharePoint, etc.). Our customers manage Back-up for thousands of hosts through a single interface.

  3. TCO: By combining the Back-up SW and the de-duplicated storage, and eliminating tape, we can save customers 30-60% TCO.

 Rubrik Converged Data Management Paltform

Rubrik eliminates backup software by integrating deduplicated storage, catalog management, and data orchestration into a single, scale-outfabric.

Our offering consolidates the solution that has historically been provided by enterprise backup and hardware vendors alike. Please accept our invitation to take a closer look at the differentiators below that set us apart:


  • SIMPLIFIED INFRASTRUCTURE - Use a single system that encompasses all aspects of backup and recovery, from storage to orchestration.

  • INSTANT RECOVERY - Achieve near-zero RTO for recovery. No rehydration or storage provisioning is necessary.
  • INSTANT SEARCH - Get predictive search results as you type. Find the file you need in seconds, wherever the file is stored.
  • AUTOMATED DATA MANAGEMENT - Define data lifecycle policies to automate backup, replication, and archival across private and public clouds.


Rubrik offers a data management, information management platform, it delivers automated backup, instant recovery, offsite replication, and data archival in a simple, scale out appliance built for your private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud.

It’s about simplifying data management and data protection, business continuity, and for ransomware recovery in case of cyber-attack.



Linear scale-out in capacity and performance: 



  • Rubrik named a 2016 Cool Vendor by Gartner

    Read about Gartner's 2016 shortlist of storage vendors who can help you address:

  • infrastructure agility,
  • data center modernization; and
  • cost containment initiatives.
  • Ransomware Recovery Appliance

    As an important aspect of Rubrik's “converged backup appliance” is a Ransomware recovery solution, as other traditional backup solutions are big target for ransomware attacks.

    Rubrik is immune to such attacks, as our backup data is read-only + encrypted. And in case of resorting the data, our solution provides 30,000 IOPS when restoring the data, so its extremely fast compared to any other solution out there.

     In addition to the above, you can find here more details on some of our ransomware case studies: Joomla 3.3 Templates